Thank you for joining us!

Learn more about how to use the platform:

For the best event experience, please follow the steps outlined below!

How do I join this event?

Navigate to the site and log in with the email address you used to register.

Once you enter your email, there are a few things that may occur. You will either:

  1. Get passed directly through to the event
  2. Be asked for a password
  3. Be asked to confirm your account by receiving an access link via email or through text confirmation

What device should I use?

For the optimal viewing experience, we recommend viewing from a laptop or desktop computer using the latest version of Google Chrome as your web browser.

You may also be able to cast to your TV via Airplay or a similar application. It is also possible to join via a mobile device like a phone or a tablet, but we can’t guarantee that everything will work 100% as intended.

Pre Show

If you are waiting in the lobby and only seeing a countdown or similar, fear not! You’re in the right place. When the event starts, your page will refresh, and you’ll be brought in.

When The Event Begins

Depending on the format of the content, you may be asked to allow your camera and mic for events that use Zoom integration or similar applications. Otherwise, you will see a play button that will bring you into the live content. Simply click the play button to start watching!

Exploring The Event

Scrolling down will bring you to a variety of content, depending on the event. Feel free to explore! There may also be multiple tabs in the sidebar (on mobile this will be displayed as tabs at the bottom of your screen) for engaging content like chat, live polls, or e-commerce shops. Make the most of your experience by checking out everything the event organizers have put together for you!

What if I need technical help or have a question during the event?

Most technical issues can be solved by refreshing the page or by joining on another device or browser.

If it’s not solved by the FAQ on the site or the moderators – feel free to reach out to

If you have an event-specific question, please reach out to the event organizers.